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Reports to: Assistant Director
Participates in Monthly Program Staff Meeting

  1. Case Advocate Supervision
  2. Contact volunteers from the volunteer pool within 48 hours of receiving referral.
    1. Assign the case to a volunteer within 6 days of receiving a referral.
  3. Communicate weekly (at least twice monthly) with CASA Volunteers via direct contact – email, telephone, in person.
    1. Ensure monthly reports are being submitted
  4. Communicate with social workers, attorneys and other collaterals when needed to facilitate case advancement. Ensure that Volunteers do not accept directions from case attorneys.
  5. Facilitate and support work of Volunteers
    1. Attend critical meetings that Volunteers cannot.
    2. Act as liaison between Volunteers and attorneys, DCF, etc.
  6. Ensure quality of Court reports and attendance
    1. Edit and produce reports and submit at least three days in advance of Court to Assistant Director.
    2. Ensure attendance (either volunteer or Supervisor) at all Court hearings.
    3. Be prepared for a brief oral presentation of the specific issues to be discussed that day in court.
  7. Court Reports
    1. Court report for every hearing
    2. Court report in emergency reporting
    3. To Assistant Director and Lead Advocate Supervisor
      1. CASA/GAL reports
      2. Emergency reports
  • Case Supervisor Disposition Forms
  1. Case Files
    1. Acquire all documents regarding your case – DCF files, court investigations, medical records, school records, docket sheets, police reports
    2. Case files must be kept in a neat and orderly fashion so that they are accessible to all staff members. When files are elsewhere, please so indicate with a File Marker.
    3. Maintain accurate, up to date, accessible reports.
    4. Separate subdivision files must be kept for all individuals in the case, educational, medical, legal and law enforcement, etc. reports.
    5. Notify Assistant Director of all materials and equipment needed in your work.

III. Training

  1. Prepare and present portions of initial training in a polished, well-rehearsed manner.
  2. Submit ongoing improvements to the Assistant Director regarding individual training sessions.

    Send Resume and Cover Letter to Lynn Barrieau: LTesconi@thecasaproject.org