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Learn more about what’s going on at CASA Project Worcester County, in our Central MA communities, and with our partners by reading our NEW monthly blog! Have a topic you’d like us to write about or want to be considered for a featured spot? Email!

Embracing New Beginnings

Introducing CASA Project Worcester County’s Debut Blog

CASA Project Worcester County is thrilled to announce the launch of our first ever blog! As we embark on this new journey, our aim is to establish a platform that keeps us connected with you, a vital member of our community 

We aspire for this to become a place where everyone can stay up to date on CASA’s work, discover meaningful ways to support the youth and families we serve, and explore ways to actively participate in making our region a better place for foster-involved children and teens to thrive.


Your tireless support fuels our ability to sustain our community impact; together, we can persist in CASA’s mission to foster growth, reduce harm, and empower children to reach their full potential. As this project evolves, please do not hesitate to share your reflections and suggestions with us.

2023 report

A Year in Review: Charting the Path Forward

2023 has come to an end but what better way to bid farewell than to reflect on such an incredible year. Here’s a recap of what the past year brought us, in the words of our executive director, Julie Bowditch:

While everything is not quantifiable, we hope to consistently achieve new milestones that drive our mission to greater heights. These achievements not only steer our journey forward but also instill a profound sense of pride within CASA for the impactful work we do!

Connecting with CASA

Building Community For Change

Community stands as a pivotal element for collaboration, generating new ideas, and reaching new heights. It’s within our communities, partnerships, and among passionate individuals that change is catalyzed. At CASA, your support matters! We are always looking for people to join in our work. In 2023, CASA advocated for 338 children, with 108 achieving permanency by the end of the year. Advocacy remains at the heart of CASA, and we continuously seek individuals eager to positively impact the lives of young people in the regions child welfare system-that could be you!

July 16-Aug. 1 – Tues. & Thurs. – 9:30AM-12PM

Nov. 5-14 – Tues., Wed., & Thurs. – 5:30-8PM

Thank you for reading our first-ever blog post, and for your interest and concern about the youth we tirelessly serve. As we anticipate the opportunities that 2024 holds for CASA Project Worcester County, we continue to be committed to advancing our mission through innovative community engagement. Don’t forget to return in May for our latest blog post. See you then!


Thank you for reading and keep a lookout for more monthly blog content coming soon!

Kendra Mensah
Program Associate