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Meet Jim Craigen

How long have you been an Advocate?   Approximately 10 years

What brought you to CASA?   After spending a 35 year career in special education, I was searching for a retirement opportunity to continue working with children in need . CASA has been a good fit for me in this regard .

What keeps you at CASA? CASA continues to give me the opportunity to advocate for and make a small difference in the lives of children.

What CASA experience stands out the most?   My first CASA case involved three very young foster children who were eventually adopted by a couple. Weeks later while grocery shopping, I ran into this new family. The smiles on their faces warmed my heart and assured me that I was part of a positive change in their lives.


Three words to describe yourself:  Committed-Conscientious-Caring

Occupation:  Retired Special Educator

What are your hobbies/interests? Travel- Cycling-Community Service-Local Politics and spending time with my granddaughter and family

Favorite vacation destination: Coastal Maine

Favorite food: Anything seafood

What are you reading or watching right now:  Masterpiece Theatre Programs

Dog or Cat:  Dog

Coffee or Tea:  Coffee

Favorite Color:  Blue

We believe all of our Volunteers have super powers, what is yours? Clinical Observation

Anything else you’d like us to know about yourself, or your time as an Advocate?

I truly believe in the mission of CASA to promote the safety of children in DCF care and insuring the placement of these children in nurturing long term home environments.