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What is a CASA Volunteer and what does it mean to become one?

Swearing in Ceremony for volunteersCASA Volunteers come from many different places and all walks of life. Whether you are a captain of industry or a quietly concerned community member, whatever your schooling or own life experiences, you can be a successful volunteer. All you need is the shared passion and commitment to advocate for children!

Thank you to all 200+ current Worcester County CASA Volunteers. It is because of you that nearly 700 children each year have their voices heard, gain homes, and hope for and dream of their futures!

Would you like be a CASA Volunteer? Read more below and join us!

The CASA Volunteer application can be completed online by clicking here.

  • The application can also be downloaded by clicking here. The downloaded application can be completed on your computer (no printing necessary!). Please note, you must save the completed application on your computer before e-mailing as an attachment to volunteer@TheCASAProject.org.

If you have any questions about becoming a CASA Volunteer, or the application process, please contact us by email volunteer@thecasaproject.org.

Volunteers Speak…

I became a CASA Volunteer and donor because even in a little place like Worcester, the severity and complexity of the cases is staggering.

My goal as a CASA Volunteer is to move the needle in the right direction into a desirable outcome; my contributions are not always profound and immediate. You have to trust that over the long run, you have a positive impact in all your cases.

Your involvement will be rewarding, what you’re doing is right and has impact.

Become a CASA Volunteer!

There are three steps:

      1. Complete the online application.
      2. Pass a background check.
      3. Complete a training course.

The course is offered quarterly and provides an overview of CASA Volunteer roles and responsibilities. The training includes the following topics:

    • Child Protection: CASA, the Courts, and the Worcester County Department of Children and Families,
    • Introduction to the Needs of the Children We Serve,
    • Case building – Interviewing and Investigation Techniques, Report Writing, and Understanding the Children We Serve, and
    • A Panel Discussion with Experienced CASA Volunteers

Upon completion of the training course, you will receive your first case assignment. A staff case manager will assist you, guide you, and provide any resources you need.

Administrative assistance is provided by the CASA office.

The average time commitment for a CASA Volunteer is 6-8 hours per month. We ask that volunteers commit to the case until it is closed. A typical case lasts 9-15 months.

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