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GloriaMeet:   Gloriann Julia Switzer

How long have you been an Advocate?   2 years

What brought you to CASA?
When my now adult children were young I kept seeing the CASA ads in my local newspaper, The Landmark. Each time it caught my eye I said I wanted to look into this and get involved. It wasn’t until after my children started college that I saw the billboard on the highway and knew I had to sign up.

What keeps you at CASA?
The children and the support I receive at work, home and from friends that allows me the time to conduct visits, communications and important tasks to successfully advocate for the needs of children involved in my assignments.

What CASA experience stands out the most?
There are several, some are heart breaking, but the one that stands out the most is being able to deliver bags and bags of wrapped Christmas presents all donated by my coworkers and staff at the school where I work full time. We provided each of the eleven children in my cases with new winter clothes and boots, and books and toys on their wish lists to the foster homes they lived in. The foster moms were so appreciative and willing to make it fun for me to bring them by when the kids were at school and daycare. At my school, it was truly amazing how many teachers, staff and administrators generously signed up to help the kids have a very happy holiday.

Three words to describe yourself:   mother, friend, goofy

Full time paraprofessional aide at an elementary school, part time coordinator of the after school music lesson program at a high school and full time undergraduate college student.

What are your hobbies/interests?

Working out at the Y mostly the rowing machines and weights, kayaking with my family, tap dancing lessons and going to listen to live local music when I have time.

Favorite vacation destination: Warm water beaches, and Vermont to visit my brother and his family.

Favorite food: Fresh spicy salsa and tortilla chips

What are you reading or watching right now:
I am reading textbooks and assignments almost all the time for my courses. Watching now will be the Red Sox game when it is on, Call the Midwife (PBS), Victoria on Masterpiece (PBS), The Crown on Netflix, and any music/artists documentaries.

Dog or Cat: Either but mostly cat

Coffee or Tea: I like tea but I must have coffee 😊.

Favorite Color: Red

Anything else you’d like us to know about yourself, or your time as an Advocate?
Yes, I want others to know about several of the foster parents I have had the pleasure of knowing since I became a CASA. I have met single mothers providing loving and nurturing homes for children with a moment’s notice not knowing what to expect or what trauma the children are dealing with and suffering from. Many foster parents fall in love with these children knowing that their time with them is temporary but provide the love and security they so desperately need. Children’s development and health are so fragile and impressionable as they grow and the time in foster care affects them greatly and hopefully in a positive way. Thank you!