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Meet:   Kimberley A Woodward


How long have you been an Advocate?   Over two years

What brought you to CASA? Wanting to make a difference to children.  To be a voice, make real change in the lives of those children I serve.  To changes lives for the better.

What keeps you at CASA?  This is going to sound corny.  Because I see with my own eyes the difference it makes in the lives of children.  We at CASA are changing generations we are stopping cycles of abuse.   Seeing the children get the services they need.  Someone was my voice once and she told me that the only person who could stop me, was me.  I get to be the voice for many.   If I make an impact on one child’s life that at the end of my life it will be a life well lived.

What CASA experience stands out the most? My second case, the foster mother was afraid to make waves because, she had experienced in the past trying to get the services with not much success.  She was afraid she would lose the children if she asked for too much aka making waves.   I told her not on my watch.  I told her, she and the children have CASA behind them.   When I helped this foster mom find her voice and courage to become the best advocate she can be for the kids.  She went from being afraid of making wave……to making her own tsunami.   

Three words to describe yourself:   Tenacious, empathetic, passionate

Occupation:  Full time pre-law student third year at Southern New Hampshire University. Then Mass school of Law.  This was purely inspired by my work with CASA after a day in the court room. Helping others. Always has been.

Favorite vacation destination: Key west

Favorite food: whatever you are cooking or Sushi

What are you reading or watching right now:  Forensic psychology for the criminal justice system?   You asked.

Dog or Cat: Cat  

Coffee or Tea: Coffee first thing then a cup of tea to relax.

Favorite Color: Mint green

We believe all our Volunteers have superpowers, what is yours?   Diplomacy…solutions that work for all concerned.  Helping others see the views of others.   I refuse to give up.   Humor

Anything else you’d like us to know about yourself, or your time as an Advocate?

Immense gratitude to all the people who helped and continue to help me in my journey to become a child rights attorney. They know who they are.   Most of all why do I stay, when I don’t think I am making a difference or frustrated or need help…. My CASA supervisor.  She is amazing and supportive, and very protective.  I want to encourage people to think about CASA.   Every time I needed help from CASA on a case, I would call and there is ALWAYS some to help the volunteer.