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ginger How long have you been an Advocate?
6 years

What brought you to CASA?
The organization impressed me with their specific child welfare focus.   CASA recognizes displacement for children is traumatic. CASA volunteers can provide a consistent & familiar presence during this upheaval.

What keeps you at CASA?
The continuing need for child advocacy & the opportunity to contribute  to the well being of children & families. In addition, the  Supervisor/Volunteer program design provides excellent support &  inspiration.

What CASA experience stands out most?
When a 4 year old child who was being moved frequently in Foster placement, said in her 6th placement, “I knew you’d find me!”

Three words to describe yourself:
Perceptive, empathetic,respectful

Retired from YWCA and now a community volunteer

What are your hobbies/interests:
Hiking, Biking, (anything out doors!) Arts, Reading & Politics

Favorite vacation destinations?
Ogunquit Maine & Falmouth MA

Favorite food?
All fish!

What are you reading now?
“Becoming” by Michelle Obama

Dog or cat?
Not enough time to devote to them

Coffee or tea?

Favorite color?

Super powers?
Insight & Optimism