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Name:  Tom Fedele

How long have you been an Advocate? 2 years

What brought you to CASA? Children brought me to CASA. When I retired from the Department of Correction I wanted to use the skills I learned to help give a voice to children who would otherwise not have a say in what happens in their life.

What keeps you at CASA? What I do makes a difference, and the hope for a better future for the children I work with keeps me at CASA.

What CASA experience stands out the most? There are so many experiences, good and “not so good,” but I would have to say all the wonderful, caring people I’ve met and worked with stands out. I have had the pleasure of dealing with many great people.

Three words to describe yourself: Confident, Loud, Funny

Occupation: Retired Correction Officer

What are your hobbies/interests?  Patriots, my motorcycle, gardening, and flea markets

Favorite vacation destination: Mountains or the beach

Favorite food: anything Italian

What are you reading or watching right now: Football, Game of Thrones and Sopranos re-runs

Dog or Cat: I’ve had both, but dog right now.

Coffee or Tea: Coffee (ice tea in the summer)

Favorite Color: Black

We believe all of our Volunteers have super powers, what is yours? Indestructible – whatever you say or do to me will never bring me down. With every super power there is a weakness … don’t hurt the ones I love.

 (Anything else you’d like us to know about yourself, or your time as an Advocate?

For a good part of my life I dealt with the worst people in society and witnessed the terrible things people are capable of doing to one another. One thing I could never understand is how anyone could hurt or neglect a child. We talk about problems with drugs, money, and mental health as excuses, but the innocence of children should be nurtured and cherished. I am thankful for the beautiful family I have, and I give lots of hugs and kisses.