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Jennifer Lundwall                                                                                         Jennifer Lundwall

How long have you been an Advocate?    1 year

What brought you to CASA?      The wish to put my stren

gths as a child advocate & educator to good use.

What keeps you at CASA?     The commitment I made to CASA as well as the connection and promise I made to the children.

What CASA experience stands out the most?    I have been working with one family with multiple children placed in multiple environments. Overall what stands out the most is the amazing resilience of the children and their bond to each other in a time of great uncertainty, constant fluctuation and displacement.

Three words to describe yourself: Empathetic, Patient, Res


Occupation: Former Educator, Business Owner, Chef

What are your hobbies/interests? Outdoor Activities, Going on Adventures, The Arts, Building & Creating, Anything Culinary, Gardening, Reading, Anything on the topic of Brain-based Sciences, Behavior & Research, Yoga & Meditation, Working & connecting with people, Bing-watching cool shows on “rainy” days and anything to do with Words, also known as a Logophile 🙂

Favorite vacation destination: The Appalachian Trail, Mountains & Wilderness and the Beach

Favorite food: It changes constantly. I especially enjoy all the different variety of ethnic foods. And of course Pizza, Burritos and French fries!

What are you reading or watching right now: I am bing-watching Blind Spot right now. Can’t wait for the final season of Game of Thrones. I am reading: “The Chakra System” by Anodea Judith & “Autobiography of a Yoga” by Paramhansa Yogananda

Dog or Cat: I have both (4 dogs & 5 cats) but I am definitely more of a Dog person. I have a neon sign, only visible to the animal world, that says “Follow her. She can’t say no and she lets you sleep on the bed!”

Coffee or Tea: Coffee. I LOVE coffee. However I love ending my day with a yummy cup of tea.

Favorite Color: Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Orange. I guess it depends upon my mood.

We believe all of our Volunteers have super powers, what is yours? Mind reading & bender of reality. Although I would REALLY like to fly! Working on it.  (Invisibility, Time-Travel or Supernatural Speed)

Anything else you’d like us to know about yourself, or your time as an Advocate?    Being an advocate can be frustrating and often heartbreaking so I have developed a little mantra to help me remain centered. “If this is what I am feeling, imagine what the children are feeling.” I don’t know if I would have the strength to walk in their shoes and I deeply respect their resilience, courage, and tenacity.