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Name: Sean Grammel

How long have you been an Advocate? 2½ years

What brought you to CASA? I’ve worked in the children’s welfare system for a while and have seen how important it is for a child to have a consistent, effective advocate in the courtroom. CASA makes sure that no child slips through the cracks.

What keeps you at CASA? Working with amazing people and making a huge impact in these kids’ lives

What CASA experience stands out the most? We helped to push for reunifying a little girl with her parents before the holidays. The parents had done great for the entire case and, rather than reunifying in mid-January, we advocated for her to return before Christmas. It was just a few weeks earlier, but I think it made a big difference to the family that she was home for the holidays.


Three words to describe yourself: Hardworking dad/lawyer

Occupation: Children’s welfare attorney

What are your hobbies/interests?  Reading, gardening, cooking/baking

Favorite vacation destination: Greece

Favorite food: Thanksgiving dinner

What are you reading or watching right now: Frederick Douglass by David Blight

Dog or Cat: Dogs

Coffee or Tea: Coffee

Favorite Color: Green

We believe all of our Volunteers have super powers, what is yours?

 (Invisibility, Time-Travel or Supernatural Speed)  I wish I could teleport places, because I love to travel but am terrified of flying!

Anything else you’d like us to know about yourself, or your time as an Advocate?  I’m always struck by how seriously the judge takes our recommendations. The bench really looks to CASA as an objective party and listens to our viewpoint.