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Volunteer Swearing in CeremonyWhile each case presents its own challenges, CASA Volunteers, along with their case supervisor, are generally responsible for the following tasks:

  • Conduct an independent investigation by reviewing all pertinent documents and records. Volunteers also will interview the children, parents, social worker(s), foster parents, counselors, and teachers to determine the facts and circumstances of the child’s situation.
  • Visit the child at least once each month to ensure the living conditions are safe and appropriate. Foster placements and social workers may be reassigned multiple times and the CASA volunteer may be the only constant adult in the child’s life.
  • Provide findings and information for written reports to the court. Due to most hearings continuing to be virtual, it is not necessary for the CASA Volunteer to be present at court hearings, only their case supervisor.
  • Make recommendations for specific services for the child and family and advocate for necessary services which may not be immediately identified or available.
  • Monitor implementation of case plans and court orders.
  • Advocate for the child’s interests in the community by bringing concerns about physical health, mental health, or education to the appropriate professionals, and assure that the child’s needs in these areas are met.